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Become a VoIP Reseller?
Resell VoIP services to your customers using our carrier grade platform and retail quality terminations
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At COMDATA VOIP, we research to identify trends in the Retail VoIP industry and innovate products and services to benefit our resellers.

Our reseller program enables you to capture, retain and expand your market by offering stable quality at competitive rates; We believe in differentiation and strive hard to balance price and quality to offer you a range of products such as PC2 Phone, Device to phone, Mobile to phone and Calling Card.

Our Reseller Program provides opportunity for:

1. Start reselling VoIP in 24 hours
2. Set your own rates and be master of your profits
3. Obtain your own website customized to suit your needs
4. Engage in low investments but gain a high return
5. Use Powerful online management tools
6. Dedicated Account manger
7. Convenient payment options


sip softphone which works behind nat & voip blocked environments


VoIP calling from mobile devices with our GosSIP mobile dialer

Gateway Clients

Resellers with their own softswitch & interested in A-Z termination


ATA / IP Phone devices with one touch configuration

Voice WholeSale

We have a dedicated subsidiary which deals with wholesale voice business

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